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Construction start in Waldkirch

The office building for the sensor manufacturer SICK will hold space for over 500 workplaces on around 9300 square meters. We built our architectural concept based on the quotation of SICK’s corporate philosophy:

”We are down to earth engineers, with both feet firmly planted in the ground, that aspire to transform to a “Tech-Company”. We simply do what we say, are who we are, and we make a difference in the world, without making a fuss about it.”

We simply created the perfect workspace for SICK members of staff, and we made an office building ready for the future, without making a fuss about it. The new building will be divided into two areas, Building Part A South and Building Part A North. In the south section, all roads lead together. A central hub will be created on the site, which can be reached from all sides and promotes direct personal exchange. The two sub-areas differ primarily in terms of their exterior architecture: while the central southern section, viewed from the outside, features crossed reinforced concrete columns behind a glass facade in an X-shape - symbolizing inventiveness, creativity, networking and collaboration - the northern part of the building has clear, straight structures and is also designed to be transparent with a glass facade. The entire building with its two sections radiates an uncomplicated, down-to-earth calm that is intended to have an inviting effect on employees and guests. It is transparent and open: open to collaboration, competence, courage and creativity, diversity and innovation.
We wanted to create the most understandable building, without unnecessary bits and parts - absolutely precise, functional and aesthetic. If you overlay and combine the essential, more complex and independent structures emerge. Completion is planned for the first quarter of 2025.

Press releases:
Badische Zeitung

SOuth HOrizon Munich @ Architekturblatt

The Hammer AG and Optima-Aegidius group of companies are continuing the transformation of the former Siemens site in Obersendling with their 31,000-square-meter SOHO building.

We are pleased about the great interview at Architekturblatt with Fabian Ochs.

There it is! Der HEIMERAN

"Der HEIMERAN" office tower at Heimeranplatz eventually reached its final height! We are very happy about this important highrise landmark in Munich: an ultra-modern office complex characterized by visionary architecture.

OS A @ Biennale 2023!

Future Urbanity – an analytical approach in spatial densification

How can an already built city evolve to meet the changing needs of its residents?

This is the question we are addressing in this project. Mobility, housing shortage, leisure activities and local supply are the core issues that move us in the city and all lead to the challenges of mixed use and densification.

Future Urbanity is a parametric experiment focussing on complementing existing building structures with modular components which represent the key aspects: mobility, living, leisure (sports & recreation). Social and structural needs of an urban ecosystem are reflected through the different modules clinging to the existing building structures and creating a new symbiosis.

It's official now!

Our design for the new headquarter of SICK was in the press last week. The new headquarter holds two different facades representing the company values of transparency and connection.

Badische Zeitung

Stepping Forward

In cooperation with Studio Vulkan and ARUP we envisioned a 65m tall building at Rosenheimer Straße in Munich for Art Invest. The core structure of the existing office building, constructed in the 70s will be preserved and expanded by two additional volumes. All dressed with a facade of green photovoltaic louvres generating around 25% of the energy demands of the building.

Münchner Abendzeitung
Süddeutsche Zeitung

Green residential island

The perfect combination of nature and urbanity at the Loisach - new living space and enhanced infrastructure in the heart of Wolfratshausen.

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Upgraded inconspicuousness

Today, Nymphenburgerstrasse presents itself as a mix between old and new. Next to the stuccoed early day houses stand architectures with smooth facades without decoration and simple, serial window arrangements. They were built in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. At Nymphenburgerstrasse 48 there is such a six-story building, erected in 1983, for which we planned and visualized a new layout.

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Hansastraße 29

Munich's Westend is changing. Our plan? To replace an old irrelevant building on a barren piece of wasteland with an elegant, ultra-modern office surrounded by greenery.

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Architektouren 2022: Wir sind mit dem Atlas Hochhaus dabei!

Am 25. Juni von 11.00 bis 12.00 Uhr können Architekturliebhaber mit Fabian Ochs das Atlas Hochhaus im Werksviertel besuchen. Seine Tour führt auch auf die Dachterrasse im 14. Obergeschoss mit einem sensationellen Blick über München. Das Atlas Hochhaus wurde 2020 mit dem ‚Innovative Architecture – Iconic Award‘ und 2021 mit dem ‚Global Green Business Award“ ausgezeichnet. Es ist zudem Leed Gold zertifiziert. Treffpunkt: Eingang Rosenheimerstrasse 143.
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German Design Award 2022

The German Design Award 2022 has been awarded: We are among the winners!
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Hotel Sonne awarded!

Our project Hotel Sonne in Füssen received the Iconic Awards 2021 Hospitality - Innovative Architecture! Find out more

Opening Sparkasse Erding-Dorfen

Finally the head office opens to the public and we are very pleased about this great closing of an exiciting project!
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LPH 2 completed

Mai 2021
Process being made at Hufelandstrasse, as part of FIZ Future in the north of Munich - we completed Service Phase Two and are looking forwards to the next steps in this super exciting project! Find out more

Wanted: Architect w/m/d

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Building permit granted at Bayerstrasse

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Think Green!

OS A is proud to be a new member of the USGBC!

The U.S. Green Building Council is committed to a sustainable,
prosperous future through LEED, the leading program for
green buildings and communities worldwide.
We are looking forward to plenty new sustainable projects!

Audience Award

Die Macherei is awarded with the "Publikumspreis" of München Architektur. Find out more

Royal flair!

A very special atmosphere awaits you at Hotel Sonne. Find out more

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